Whitney Morgan - The Medicine Mix-up

Whitney Morgan - The Medicine Mix-up
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<p>“Honey, honey…” Mom knocks on your door and bursts into your room. “Oh my god, you’re still in bed.” You were up late last night playing video games, and the last you want to do is get up for school. Your eyes are still squinty, and you pathetically motion with your hand for her to leave. “Wake up, wake up…time to get ready for school,” her voice is strict.</p>

<p>You hate school. You’re always getting in trouble because you can’t stay focused, and now you have to take this ADHD medicine that makes your mouth dry. “Look at me – stick your hand out,” Mom says placing a tablet into your hand. Usually you throw the pills out, or pretend to swallow them as you press it against your cheek, but Mom’s not dumb. She makes you swallow it in front of her, tongue out and all, and then smiles proudly at you.</p>

<p>“Alright, that should kick in pretty soon,” she says to you, and then tells you to get up and get ready so she can take you to school. “Five minutes,” you say weakly, but Mom isn’t putting up with your nonsense. You convince her you’re up, but when she leaves the room, you go back to sleep.</p>

<p>Twenty minutes go by, and Mom barges back through your door. “Are you really still in bed!?” she says stressed and in a panic. “I’m gonna be late for work, and you’re gonna be late for school.” Usually, by now, your medicine has kicked in, and you feel uppidity from the effects, but you’re still groggy. Mom’s tone suddenly changes, her eyes widen, and she looks horrified.</p>

<p>“Um…honey, I don’t know how to tell you this…” she says nervously, “look down.” She immediately starts blaming herself, and you have no idea what’s going on. “Your father and I have been having some trouble in the bedroom, and…” she covers her mouth with her hand at the thought of saying this out loud to you, “I may have mixed up your medication with your father’s E.D. pills.” E.D.? What’s that? Is that some sort of ADD or ADHD? “It’s erectile dysfunction,” she says, her voice now cracking.</p>

<p>What!? Dad’s BONER pills? I mean, this…this boner was going to go away before school, right? But it wasn’t. In fact, Mom is incredibly awkward as she tells you that you have to “pleasure yourself” to get rid of it – you know, jerk off. With limited time before she has to get you to school, Mom begins instructing you to jerk off, but it’s doesn’t work.</p>

<p>You’re nervous to be, well…stroking it in front of your mom, and her awkward tone isn’t really helping. “Um…Mommy’s got an idea. How about a little, uh – I can’t believe I’m saying this – how about a little inspiration?” she says. Inspiration? Mom begins stripping down, moving her body from side to side, and attempts to be sexy for you. She encourages you to stroke faster, but even though her body is gorgeous, you can’t get off.</p>

<p>“I’m gonna have to lend you a hand, aren’t I?” she says. She crawls on the bed, and moves her hand against your hard cock. “Think of a girl you have a crush on at school,” she says, her hand sliding up and down your shaft. Honestly, it feels pretty good. This is working a lot better than when you were stroking it, and you can’t help but throb from pleasure. “I don’t know if this is really doing anything. Is this doing anything for you, baby?” Mom asks in a panic.</p>

With the risk of getting to work late, Mom has no choice but to get more EXTREME with her attempts at making you cum. Soon her mouth is wrapped around your throbbing cock, and when her tongue tricks and deepthroat don’t do it for you, she has no choice but to bounce on your cock. It isn’t until your hear Mom moaning, enjoying herself, that you accidentally erupt…INSIDE of her.
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