Jolie Lyon - Feminist Daughter Turned Dads Cocksleeve

Jolie Lyon - Feminist Daughter Turned Dads Cocksleeve
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<p>Your daughter has always been such a good girl. Her mom (your wife) has always taught your daughter to be a strong, independent, modest feminist. But one day when you get back from work, you’re met with a shocking scene. Your wife is on the floor, handcuffed and gagged. Your daughter, wearing a provoking tiny outfit, happily greets you and tells you in a care free tone she spiked mommy’s tea until she could bind and gag her, and shaved mommy’s pussy. She found out that mommy thinks blowjobs are degrading, ans has never given you one. That was just ENOUGH for her. The lil girl you thought was uninterested in boys and sex is a cock loving, sex crazed cumdump slut, and she’s tired of hiding it. And mommy’s strict rules are wrong! There’s nothing wrong with loving sex and being a slave to men! Being a brainless hole is liberating! Mommy needs to learn, for her own good. And as your daughter gets down on her knees in front of your rock hard, aching cock, she tells you she needs your help to teach mommy a lesson. Your cock -all cocks!!- deserves being worshipped, and she’s going to show you – and mommy – how much better this lifestyle is.</p>

[This is a rough taboo family roleplay video with intense bondage and free use themes throughout. Mommy consuming spiked tea and getting bound & shaved is from mommy’s POV, when daddy comes home hiw POV takes over. The video features heavy taboo roleplay and dirtytalk, bondage, spiked tea, shaving, yandere vibes, rough cock sucking and deepthroating, taboo fucking, and heavy themes of being a patriarchy serving, daddy adoring, cum loving, real life onahole, free use, brainless happy slut!]
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