Pink Drip - Nomophobia

Pink Drip - Nomophobia
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<p>Ever since your Daughter moved back in she’s been acting out. This last stunt was the final straw which left you no choice but to confiscate her prized possession…HER PHONE. But did you really take her phone cause of her bratty behavior? She finds out soon enough the REAL motive behind keeping her locked up in the house with no way to contact friends. You took it upon yourself to send those scandalous pics of her to yourself for your own collection. Was it to blackmail her? Well two can play at that game.</p>

<p>Your Daughter has gotten crazed since you took her phone, and now she wants revenge. She knows everything after a little sleuthing…you were never one to keep your phone on you so much so why the sudden change? Is it really blackmail if both of you end up getting what you want?</p>

She needs something else to keep her hands and mouth busy. Something hard she can press against her face and stare at for hours. But she’s not looking for a hunk of plastic…she’s looking at you Daddy!
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